Blade Waltz

Blade Waltz 1.0.20

Brand new battle dynamics and high-octane energy to the world of RPGs

Looking for a dynamic new twist on the classic role playing game? Blade Waltz brings brand new battle dynamics and high-octane energy to the world of RPGs, letting players take command of a trio of heroes, each with their own unique strengths and abilities.

This action based RPG is chock full of battles, perfect for players who love slogging it out against enemies and big bosses. Each hero has their own skill set, meaning you can successfully target any enemy weakness with a devastating attack or combo, specially selected to off the enemy in half the time, leaving you victorious and with more experience points than ever before.

Blade Waltz might boast new features and RPG refinements, but that doesn't make it difficult to play. It's easy to explore the vast world of Blade Waltz, while even the most high-octane battles are easily steered through with just a few taps and basic button controls.

Experience all the tropes of role playing games here, with weapon and armor upgrades, treasure hunts, magic and more. Packed with content, this is a truly epic tale, propped up by some of the best storytelling you're ever likely to find in a mobile game.

This RPG is free to download and start playing, with no restrictions on what's possible for players. Everything is up for grabs from the off, with limitless combinations and upgrades available.

Embark on a solo quest, or get collaborative and recruit others to your cause to form an unbeatable guild the enemy doesn't stand a chance against. This must-try title from Netmarble Games is one of the most sprawling RPG titles you're ever likely to download to your phone. With new content to add and import, along with countless ways to retrace your journey, there's bags of repeat play potential on offer here.

Rated PEGI 12, this action-oriented RPG is suitable for older children, but mild violence levels make it a no-go for the youngest of players. Free to download to your Android phone today, you can start playing for free, picking up fantastic new weapons, game features and more from the in-app game store.

Blade Waltz


Blade Waltz 1.0.20

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